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Baza danych o mrówkach!

Ant data base of  prof  Joanna Pętal available to the researchers interested in the ecology of ants.

J.Pętal - Ant-base 1964-95 
1. data in Excel, zip 1,06 MB,
2. Info : Ant base contents, maps & draws of research sites, J.Pętal-publications, other publications concerning programs & regions of research, word + pdf , 1,35 MB)
 I make this base available to the Colleagues interested in the  ecology of ants .
My Ant- base contains the data collected during the period of 1964-1995 as a part of several ecological programs both national and international. They were carried out on meadows used in different ways (natural, mineral fertilized, mown and pastured), natural and drained fens, forests protected and degraded by industrial pollution situated to the north-east of Poland ( Suwałki Landscape Park, Biebrza Wetlands, Wizna Fens), in the environment of Warsaw (Kampinos
National Park, Kazuń, Sobiekursk, Jaktorów, Bródno, Puławy ) and to the south-west of Poland (Upper Silesia, Karkonosze Mountains, Pieniny Mountains).

The data-base contains:
1.distribution of ant-nests (old, new and abandoned nests evaluated in plots or transects observed   regularly during one or several years
2.size of ant colonies (number of larvae / 5 or more size classes / 3 casts of pupae, imagines young/1 year/ and old /2 and 3 years old/),
3. number of foraging ants during a day and season estimated by different methods, of ants (liquid and animals) evaluated basing on p.3,
5. density of animals - potential food of ants,
6. data concerning the soil properties ( physical, chemical and biotic) of anthills and adjacent soils.

In spite of using most of these data in my publications, I hope that there is still a possibility to exploit them in other programs.

The whole  my collection of ants is deposited in the Museum and Institute of Zoology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Wilcza  64.
For more information, please contact:
Joanna Pętal, e mail:
Institute of Ecology, Polish Academy of Sciences (currently Centre for Ecological Research PAS), Dziekanów Leśny, 05-092 Łomianki.

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