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Call for collaborators for the MLGenSig project

The MI^2 group (University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Technology), led by Przemysław Biecek, is looking for collaborators interested in machine learning methods and their applications in human genetics. These positions are parts of ,,MLGenSig: Machine Learning Methods for building the Integrated Genetic Signatures'' project funded by NCN program OPUS 11.

The goal of the project is to develop machine learning tools to identify, understand and validate predictive genetic signatures (with applications in the oncology). Signatures are to be created based on an extremely high-dimensional features' set (~20 k for genes' expressions, ~200k for methylation, ~2M for SNPs). A lot of problems to be solved for programmers and data scientists.

Techniques like model ensembles (stacking, boosting and bagging) deep representation learning are to be used to identify cross platform interactions (like methylation in promoters - expression of gene). Analyses will be performed mostly on data from projects: The Cancer Genome Atlas and Roadmap Epigenomics. Analyses will be carried on in a close collaboration with oncologists and molecular biologists.

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact with me (more info:


(1 position for 3 years for a PhD student)
If you have:
- Strong programming skills in R and/or python,
- Interest in the genetics and oncology,
- Interest in Machine Learning and/or Statistical Modelling (GLM is your friend),
- Strong writing skills in English (if you have published anything it will be a big plus),
- Strong motivation, enjoying challenges and work on hard problems.
We offer a scholarship ~3000 PLN/month (without taxes), a lot of challenging problems to solve and collaboration with interesting people.

(2 positions for 1 year for MSc students, renewable every year)
If you have:
- Strong programming skills in R and/or python,
- Understand what the software engineering is about,
- Addicted to details,
- Strong writing skills in English,
We offer a civil contract ~1000 PLN/month. Your primary role will be to develop and maintain new cool machine learning methods as R packages/python libraries.

How to apply?

Send your resume and short motivation letter (in English or Polish). Point out one or two referees (researchers, advisor, employer) that could say something about you. Send these documents by email to przemyslaw.biecek(at) (add 'MLGenSig' to the email subject). Please, do this as soon as possible, but not later than 15 February 2017.

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